Written In Stone

Pampered Chef’s heritage is written in stone—stoneware, that is. It’s been in our product line since the very beginning, so we know a thing or two about doing it right. Our stoneware is the best around: Many happy customers have had their favorite pieces for decades.

All our stoneware, whether it’s glazed or unglazed, shares the same amazing cooking properties, so you’ll get outstanding results.

A New Season with Pampered Chef

Everything's made at home this season with Pampered Chef! Explore our new recipes, products and updated products from our most-loved collections.

It’s a Great Time for a New Beginning

Balancing work and family demands in 1980 left our founder Doris Christopher hungry for a better option, so she created the “cooking consultant” opportunity. Today, the job of a cooking consultant couldn’t be more relevant. In our booming “gig” economy, working with Pampered Chef offers thousands the best path to building a business that is scalable, flexible, accessible, and profitable.

Cooking Up Next Generation Chefs

Remember home economics class? It’s likely that many of the kids in Generation Alpha will never have that experience. At Pampered Chef, we believe that cooking has the power to help shape our kids’ futures for the better, and we’re developing a line of products geared at bringing kids and parents to the kitchen together to build skills that will last a lifetime.