At Pampered Chef, we care about getting kids cooking because we believe healthy futures are built on food and cooking literacy. Our new charitable partner—the national nonprofit Big Green—feels the same way. This fall, for a limited time, we’re working together toward a goal to bring cooking education to 150,000 students.

How? For every Pampered Chef fundraiser party held for a school-affiliated program in September or October, we will donate one Classroom Kitchen Kit to your school and another kit of cooking tools to a Big Green school in need.

You Party & Shop. We Give Back in 3 Ways.

One fundraiser party this fall can do so much.

A Financial Donation to Your School

10–15% of fundraiser sales go to whatever your school, club, or scouting troop needs from band instruments to science equipment, to art supplies. It’s a creative solution for schools with a limited budget.


Cooking Education for Your School

For every qualified school-affiliated fundraiser, your favorite teacher gets a box of cooking tools and lesson plans to add a little flavor to any subject for grades K–12. Kits range from a Teacher Demo Kit valued at $150 with a single set of tools to two Large Classroom Kitchen Kits valued at $900 total with 10 sets of tools for hands-on learning in small groups. Every kit comes with three lesson plans, additional activity ideas, and supporting materials for your teacher.


Cooking Education for a School in Need

When your school receives a kit, Pampered Chef donates an additional cooking kit to Big Green with the supplies an underserved school urgently needs to bring their healthy-food focused curriculum to life.