Doris Christopher Balancing work and family demands in 1980 left our founder Doris Christopher hungry for a better option, so she created the “cooking consultant” opportunity. Today, the job of a cooking consultant couldn’t be more relevant. In our booming “gig” economy, working with Pampered Chef offers thousands the best path to building a business that is scalable, flexible, accessible, and profitable.

Meet our modern day mom-and-dad-treprenuers to learn firsthand why they chose an unconventional career path and how it is impacting their lives and their communities for the better.

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Career Changer: Made a life-changing decision

Virtual Party Consultant: Runs her business 100% virtually

Goal Getter: Saved for a wedding

Independent Exec: Building his business on his terms

Mealtime Maker: Bringing back family dinnertime

Tech Savvy Entrepreneur: Runs her business from anywhere

Perfect Fit: Matches her personal beliefs

Supportive Spouse: Gained quality family time