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Real Simple

Real Simple recently included our Cherry & Olive Pitter in it's round up for items that will make preparing your favorite foods easier and more sustainable! "Pit cherries in a flash with this handy little kitchen tool, sans the mess. This pitter can do four cherries at once—perfect for making pies—has a tray to catch the pits and juice below, and is dishwasher safe. Use it to prep olives for a charcuterie board too." 

Progressive Grocer

"Sixty-five percent of Americans say they are spending more time in their kitchens than in years past, according to new research. The findings are part of a new nationwide Kitchen Confidence study from Pampered Chef and demonstrates how Americans are seeking better mealtime solutions and cooking alternatives when they are in a pinch." Read more here. 

Direct Selling Now

"A recent Pampered Chef Kitchen Confidence Index looked at Americans’ habits in the kitchen, how much time they invested in the cooking process and their feelings toward meal preparation and cleanup. While the study revealed that 65% of Americans report spending more time in the kitchen than in previous years, it also showed that their feelings of overwhelm increase at least once or twice a week because of their responsibilities and burdens."

Simply Recipes

As Simply Recipes says, nonstick pans are essential to a well stocked kitchen! And, we're thrilled to be included in their list of best nonstick pans in 2021. Read more! 

Food Network

Our new Donut Hole Pan was recently included in the Food Network's round up of products perfect for kids who love to cook! "Kids love mini-everything, and this sheet pan will help them create the perfect golf ball-sized treats. Use it to make mini-donuts, bagel bites, meatballs, cake pops and more. It’ll also teach them how to portion things uniformly for even cooking." 


Thrillist asked professional pizzaiolos around the country about their favorite at-home tools and what you need to easily make pizzeria-caliber, and our Pizza Peel made the list! “Not only is it beautiful and durable, but it’s thinner at the tip to enable easier launching onto your Baking Steel or pizza stone."

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Here’s how to use a bubble waffle pan to create photo-worthy treats.

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