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Real Simple

Nothing is more precious than smooth, fresh ice cream. Real Simple agrees that our NEW Freezer Storage Containers are the key to perfect ice cream all summer long! "These thin, shallow storage containers from Pampered Chef will keep your homemade treat freezer-burn free for weeks on end."

Clean Eating

Clean Eating Magazine lists our chip-making sheet pan as a must-have veggie tool under $40! "Turn your fave veggies into crispy bites with the V-Shaped Baking Sheet Pan. The design allows for a golden brown exterior and fits more slices than a regular sheet pan."

If Dad is the breakfast-maker in your home, consider gifting him with this cute breakfast set from Pampered Chef that features the characters from "Toy Story 4." In addition to a Hamm pancake flipper, Dad can make flapjacks in the shapes of Woody, Buzz and a little green alien and detail them with a powdered sugar stencil. But the real star of the set is the Forky spatula.


Buzzfeed featured our Toy Story 4 products on it's list of 33 "Toy Story" Products You'll Love To Infinity And Beyond. You'll find our pancake mold set highlighted as "a breakfast that would make Mrs. Nesbitt proud." 

The Daily Meal

In anticipation of the release of “Toy Story 4,” Pampered Chef has teamed up with Disney and Pixar to release a line of colorful kitchen gear featuring favorite characters from the beloved animated franchise.

The Laughing Place

I had a lot of fun taking breakfast time “To infinity and beyond” with these Pampered Chef pancake molds and utensils themed to Toy Story 4.

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Here’s how to use a bubble waffle pan to create photo-worthy treats.

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